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A surface enhancement through metal removal,

generally using abrasive belts and wheels.

  • Stroke Sanding
  • Hand Polishing 
  • Food Grade Polishing
  • Grinding and Blending
  • RA Specific Finishes
  • #3 - #6 Finish




A mechanical technique used after polishing to generate a smooth finished surface, free of lines and other surface defects.

  • #7 Finish (Mirror finish with grain lines)
  • #8 Finish (Mirror finish w/o grain lines)


Mass Finishing (Vibratory/Tumble Finishing)

Processing parts in a container to remove burrs or scale or to improve the surface—using abrasive or non-abrasive media, water and compound—before other treatments such as plating or painting.

  • Vibratory Deburring
  • Vibratory Polishing (Keramo Polishing)
  • Descaling
  • Degreasing

tube polishing

O.D. Tube-Polishing

  • 4" OD x 20’ L Max size
  • #3 Finish to #6 Finish
  • Straight
  • Bent
  • Squared
  • Oval